is a registered, licensed and accredited clearing and freight forwarding Agent by the Nigerian Customs Service and under the Companies Act of 1968 incorporated on the 1st of November 2002 with staff strength of 750 and over 40 branches nationwide.

We have, in line with our vision, already taken a frontline position in the air express industry in less than a decade since our commencement of operations. We have cut a niche as the air express company that can be depended upon not only to keep with the terms of our services but more often to exceed customers expectations.

We offer a comprehensive range of Courier, Clearing and Freight Forwarding from domestic to international logistics services.

The acknowledgement of our effort and performance by the international organizations is a token consistent with many such recommendations from notable clients. And it all derives from our faithfulness to the vision.

Our Mission

Zenith Carex international was established to offer unique air express mail and fright delivery services to our clients in new and innovative ways that would mark clear departure from existing methods. Our vision is to enhance customer satisfaction by re-inventing schedule integrity and fidelity to the air express industry through our use of efficient and modern technology and the skills of highly trained personnel. In the same spirit our mission goes with equitable returns for investors and job satisfaction for our personnel.


  • To exhibit at all times, a thorough understanding of the various air Express services.
  • To establish and maintain a trustworthy relationship between our esteemed clients and international trading partners.
  • To relentlessly work towards a strict adherence to professional ethics and institutional regulations.
  • To initiate, develop and maintain a delightful corporate culture of excellence in all air express matters.
  • To give painstaking attention to fast and efficient delivery services.
  • To ensure and nurture a conducive environment for staff development.


We are supported by a Board of Directors made up of very pragmatic, foresighted, dynamic and a astute investors who have not only excelled in their various field of endeavors but also blaze the trail in so many sphere of life. Our Directors are high net-worth individuals who are ready to support the company in the attainment of its medium and long term goals. They make invaluable inputs and design our unique policies.

Our corporate vision is further strengthened by an efficient management team that is never satisfied with any level of achievement attained, a rare breed of tested technical hands, and a personnel not deterred by difficulties of any kind. They remain the fulcrums of various strategic decision making. The management team enjoys tremendous encouragement and support from the Board at all times.

Our Sale and marketing teams are among the most customer friendly in the air express business and have proven to be the human-face to the ideal air express customer care service.

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